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What does SpeedStep Software Solutions do?
Is there any program or system I need to install to start my online purchase with Speed Step?
Which countries and currencies are usable with Speed Step?
Which languages are supported?
What are the basic system requirement do I need to install your software?
How secure is my online order?
If there is a problem, can I return your software?
How quickly should I expect a response to my online order?
How do I install and activate the software?
How do I manage my products?
How do I contact the Speed Step Online Store?
I ordered the wrong item, or I need to return my order. What do I do?
What if I don't get a confirmation of my order?
How do I get Technical Product Support?
How can I purchase the product?
How can I purchase the software update?
How can I get training for the software products?
What is the difference between “General Support” and “Technical Product Support”?
Can I install my single copy of your products on both my laptop and desktop (or on my home computer and work computer)?
How do I pay for my order?