Speed Step is the provider of software solutions in the area of fashion design, merchandising and product data management in the textile industry. As a leading company in the industry, we at Speed Step see our responsibility for contributing to the education of students for their careers in the textiles and design industry. Therefore, Speed Step offers special educational versions of the successful software solutions ProPainter, ProSketch and ProPattern. Speed Step approaches to:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Fashion and design colleges
  • Engineering schools related to textiles and information technology

Speed Step supports the education of young people providing schools and universities with professional software tools, because we believe that young people should have the opportunity to engage with practical skills. This provides the base with which they can compete in international competitions, the global market and have the flexibility to develop a range of skills for the future job market. Throughout the past years Speed Step has established an educational programme with schools and universities in Finland, Turkey, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and also Germany now using Speed Step software solutions. Speed Step is part of the Cad/Cam in schools programme in the UK.